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Our Dog Daycare Toledo services offer the perfect alternative to your dog just sitting at home and following you around the house all day. Dogs need high levels of activity and engagement with others (people and doggy friends alike!) to stay happy and healthy.

We recognize this crucial part of pet-hood. Because of this, we’ve structured our daycare services to facilitate dogs that play well with others as well as those who prefer more individualized attentionIn our eyes, every dog deserves love and attention!

Whether your pup likes to play fetch with tennis balls, wade in swimming pools with best buds on hot days, or play “hide and go seek” on the playground equipment, there’s something here for pups of all kinds!

Drop them off and pick them up each day, or sign them up for daycare while they’re staying with us.


It’s absolutely fundamental that our furry family members get regular exercise as well as safe and routine exposure to social environments. This can be very successfully achieved through our monitored dog daycare sessions here at Karnik On Black.


Our staff are trained and certified via our extensive online training portal, Karnik University. Take comfort in knowing your pets are in the very best hands, with safety standards and protocols in place.


Oftentimes we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday work and school schedules. This can leave our loved ones feeling alone and us feeling guilty. Keep your pets happy and engaged in our excellent dog daycare program fit for a king (or queen!).

So if your dog is misbehaving or wiling away the hours laying around the house, then it’s time to sign them up for some serious fun with friends! Call us today to schedule a group play assessment (G.P.A.) over the phone or fill out our dog daycare enrollment form and we’ll call you back during normal business hours to set it up.

We have spacious indoor and outdoor dog daycare play yards at our new Waterville, Ohio facility near the Shops at Fallen Timbers, so rain or shine, it’s always play time!

No obligations. Schedule a dog daycare evaluation today!

“Don’t touch the lava!”

“Protect the Castle!”

Keep an eye on your pet in daycare and throughout our entire facility! When your dog is at Karnik On Black, you’ll receive exclusive camera access. This includes all indoor and outdoor play yards, as well as the rest of our facility. Also, if your pup is lucky enough to stay in a luxury suite, you’re granted private access to that suite. This way, you can rest easy while you’re away from your furry family. If your pet is already staying with us and you didn’t receive camera access, please message us here.

Individual Dog Daycare - A.K.A. K9 Fit Klub

Striving for FURRY Fitness
Stay fit with K9 Fit Klub, Dog Daycare in the Toledo area!

K9 Fit Klub is our answer for dogs that may not be a good fit for traditional group play. We believe that fitness is such an important aspect of every dog’s health, and so every dog deserves daily activity that will prolong and enrich their lives. Individual daycare is also the perfect solution for dogs that are too high energy and too much of a disruption in the pack.  With K9 Fit Klub, every dog gets the opportunity to run around and play!

What do I need to get started?

Group Play Assessment (G.P.A.)​

All dogs entering our group daycare program will need an initial Group Play Assessment (G.P.A.). This is a 3-day analysis of your dog’s behavior.

Why 3 Days? How is this different than other daycares?

When it comes to assessing your dog’s behavior to determine whether or not they’re fit for group play, there are a lot of variables that come into “play”. Some of which include the dog’s temperament, the other dogs’ temperaments, the environment, and the pack leaders (staff in charge of maintaining safe play), just to name a few.

For example, certain herding breeds are more prone to try to control the pack and assert their dominance, like the Australian Cattle Dog. This can sometimes lead to tension in the pack with other dogs that are less submissive. It is up to our extensively trained daycare attendants to observe and interpret the signals that could lead to an altercation. This way a fight can be prevented altogether through actionable and timely measures.

An example of an environmental trigger might be outside distractions, such as cars and/or pedestrian traffic in a parking lot. Are the dogs able to see through the perimeter fencing to the parking lot and get the rest of the pack riled up through unnecessary and aggressive barking? Another example might be certain toys in the play area that might set off a resource-aggressive dog. These are all circumstantial factors that play major roles when it comes to gauging whether or not a dog is ready for group play. These are factors that could make or break a dog’s first initial behavioral assessment and this is why we span the assessment over a three day period.

With the G.P.A. program, we have time to slowly introduce your dog to the rest of the pack as well as our other pack leaders. After we’re comfortable with that step, certain environmental triggers are slowly introduced to gauge their reactions to different stimuli. Because of this three day period, we are able to gain a much better understanding of your dog’s behavior. Therefore, we can give them a much fairer chance at success and keep everybody safe in the process.

Updated Vaccinations

Vaccinations are required for all daycare programs and are as follows:

    • – DHLPP
      • Distemper
      • Hepatitis
      • Leptospirosis
      • Parainfluenza
      • Parvovirus
    • – Bordetella
    • – Rabies
    • – Negative Fecal Exam
    • – H3N2 and H3N8 Canine Influenza (Now Required)

Proudly offering dog daycare services in the Toledo, Perrysburg, Maumee, & Waterville, Ohio areas.

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