"Giving back to a community who has given so much to us."

The Karnik Foundation

Karnik Foundation
"To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required."


Karnik On Black is excited to celebrate 47 years in the professional pet care industry as a 2nd generation locally owned and operated family business. As a business that is truly supported by our local communities, Ryan Bauman and the entire Karnik On Black Family is excited to introduce The Karnik Foundation.

Our Vision

The Karnik Foundation is a new & exciting opportunity for our team to become more community-minded and aware to some of the significant issues & needs of pet-parents in and around our local communities. Our vision includes:

1. Dog Park Construction: To design & construct membership-based dog parks throughout NW Ohio communities. While we have one of the BEST metro park systems around, we do not have sufficient off-leash parks to let your canine companion run free, play fetch, or just romp around with friends. With our decades of experience in the dog lodging and dog daycare industry, we know the professional ways to educate dog owners on the proper ways to teach their dogs how to play with one another in such a safe and fun environment. These parks are not cheap to build. Therefore, it is the primary goal of The Karnik Foundation to fundraise for the construction costs to build these parks. Our very first “Country-Club Style Dog Park” will be constructed at 5411 Black Road in Monclova Twp, giving Karnik On Black, as a private business, the opportunity to absorb all of the operating and maintenance costs associated with this park to best prove-out this duplicatable concept. 100% of the $25 monthly membership dues associated with this park will be tax deductible AND available for immediate reinvestment or community give-back.

2. Service Dog Funding: There are a multitude of ways that service dogs play a role in society. Therapy Dogs, Comfort Dogs, Medical Assistance Dogs, Service Dogs, Seeing-Eye Dogs, and Canine Law Enforcement Officers are just a few different ways we all see dogs assisting our human beings within our communities. These assistance dogs, however, are very expensive (approx. $15,000) for their handlers to purchase and, often times, are simply unaffordable. Through The Karnik Foundation, it is our goal to provide financial assistance in the purchasing of these canines for individuals or organizations throughout our communities. 

ANNUAL GOAL: To fund 100% of the cost for AT LEAST 1 Service Dog in our community per year.

3. Animal Welfare, Rescue, & Humane Organization Support: NW Ohio has dozens of local non-profit animal welfare organizations, humane societies, & rescues that rely solely upon financial support to operate. As a recognizable brand in the pet care space, we desire to come along side our fellow humane partners to help assist them in their current organizational missions and goals. Through The Karnik Foundation, it is our goal to offer financial assistance, promote awareness, or sponsor community events to assist these non-profit organizations.

ANNUAL GOAL: To provide AT LEAST $10,000 in donations to local Animal Welfare Rescues & Organizations.


4. Excellence in Youth Leadership Scholarships: To promote, encourage, and sponsor youth leadership development. During the past 47 years, over 90% of Karnik On Black’s employee base has consisted of entry level, first-time employees; oftentimes high school students. It is our hope to be able to recognize natural, God-given leadership talent in our teens and invest in them by sponsoring their involvement in youth leadership activities, such as volunteering as camp counselors, visiting retirement centers, or assisting with household projects for our seniors. For those youth leaders who should pursue higher education, scholarships will be available for application. It is our goal to invest in the future leadership development of at least a dozen teens & youth within our communities every year.

ANNUAL GOAL: To offer AT LEAST 1 – $1,000 Excellence in Leadership Award per Year for a local graduating high school senior who exemplifies excellence in youth leadership
To offer AT LEAST 4 – $250 Excellence in Leadership Awards for student leadership projects (such as mentors or camp counselors)

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